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Case Studies

  • Avaya IP Office Case Study: FitFlop

    FitFlop is a company which started with just five employees and has rapidly grown into an internationally-recognised footwear brand with over 200 staff worldwide. They needed a flexible telephone and communication solution that offered the company the advanced features it needed, and would cost-effectively grow as business boomed.

    Its older analog solution no longer met the customer’s needs. With over 10 million sales globally, quality of customer service needed to be class-leading.

    The Solution:

    • Avaya IP Office Systems networked across 5 sites through Small Community Network (SCN)
    • Mobility + Centralised receptionist
    • Customer Call Reporter (CCR)

    See why the Avaya IP Office was a perfect fit for this business:

    Business Value and Results
    The IP Office solution delivered by Avaya (more info here) and its partner is scalable and supports FitFlop’s growth:

    • Cost Effective -  because IP Office is modular & flexible, the installed systems can grow as locations move - even to temporary sites - without a single investment becoming redundant. As all international calls between US and UK are routed over SCN there are considerable savings on call costs. Besides the mobility solution saves roaming costs for employees travelling between US, UK and the manufacturing locations in Asia.
    • Improved Customer Service – FitFlop (footwear) and its sister brand Soap & Glory (cosmetics) can share the IP Office system while keeping their own identity (multi-tenanting). A centralised receptionist can deal with overflow calls and is aware of staff availability (presence) whatever their location. Thanks to Customer Call Reporter, customer calls are tracked and quality of response has improved.
    • Better internal communication through Mobility - key users are able to hot-desk and be reachable on their unique number with only a single voicemail to manage. All users, incl. receptionists & mobile workers, can see each others’ presence for better team communications.

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