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Hosted Phone Systems

Try a hosted VoIP solution Free for 30 days!

You now have an incredible opportunity to actually try this amazing cloud based IP technology in your office free for 30 days. LINK TO A POPUP with terms and conditions. Hosted phone systems are different from a more traditional solution in that hosted, or “Cloud”, IP systems don’t actually have any phone system in your office at all.

How do Hosted IP systems actually work?

The Hosted IP system is as simple as IP handsets (VoIP) connected to a network switch and modem. Your internet connection then connects to a “host” provider in another location. This is where the name “hosted” comes from. This could based technology offers basically the same functionality of a traditional system and can help you cut costs with cheap VoIP phone calls. Call to arrange a free trial for yourself or check out the hosted systems available below for more detailed information and pricing.