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Hosted CloudPBX Phone Systems

A Cost-Effective & Tailored Phone System in 5 Simple Steps

In just a few minutes we’ll help you customize the perfect communications solution - everything you need and nothing you don’t. You’ll save time, aggravation and more importantly, money.

Plus, you’ll receive FREE lifetime support and unlimited programming changes from our local support team. Say goodbye to expensive technician visits and lock-in maintenance contracts forever. You’re in control and it won’t cost you a cent more.

The SpringCom Hosted CloudPBX solutions give you access to incredible call rates and brilliant technology that’s easy to use and operate. On average our very appreciative customers have saved over 54%+ on their call charges alone!

Stop getting ripped off with old technology and let us help you start saving today. All you need to get started is a highspeed internet connection, and away you go.

  • Step 1

    Users + Features

    Choose how many staff (users) your system needs, and see all the included features they’ll receive

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  • Step 2

    Handset Choice

    Simply select the type(s) of handsets that best suit your team members.

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  • Step 3

    Phone Call Rates

    Choose the phone call package that fits your budget

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  • Step 4

    Optional Extras

    Customise your new system to suit your business.

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  • Step 5

    Installation & Connection

    Choose a convenient installation and monthly connection solution.

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Our exclusive ‘Tailor Your Own Phone System' solution, coupled with our nation-wide support network, gives you absolute peace of mind knowing you…

  • Won’t pay for features or hardware you don’t need.
  • Free system programming changes for life (no expensive maintenance contracts)
  • Rapid and unlimited scalability as your business evolves (up or down).
  • Direct access to our Australian based customer service team.
  • Have a solution that is completely NBN-ready. So when NBN finally arrives at your premises we
    can easily transition you over without you having to upgrade any equipment.

Why Are Australian Businesses Moving To
Hosted CloudPBX Solutions?

Before you start tailoring your new phone system, we thought we’d talk you about why Hosted CloudPBX systems are increasingly taking over the market and why they are considered the smart choice for most Australian companies

No Expensive Phone System Hardware Required

A cloud phone system offers small and medium businesses the incredible functionality and technology of traditional phone systems without the expensive capital outlay of serious in-house PABX hardware.

Connecting is simple

You simply have handsets and/or softphones that easily connect via the internet to our host-system in our Australian based secure data center.

Expand Effortlessly Anywhere

Cloud technology is also far less constrained than old technology, and expand (or contract) effortlessly to any location you want (as long as there is a viable internet connection).

  • Adding a new staff member to the team? Easy.
  • Need to have staff member working from home? Done.
  • Opening a new remote office? A breeze.
FREE Changes to Programming for LIFE

Need to change which handsets ring on an inbound call? Want to adjust the after-hours times? It's as simple as a quick call to our national support team based in Melbourne, who will instantly make the changes for you. All at no additional charge, with our unlimited lifetime support!

How Do VoIP Cloud Phone Systems Work?

Although highly advanced, Hosted / Cloud VoIP Phone Systems are as simple as IP handsets connected to a network switch and modem in your office. The SIP Trunk (a special VoIP internet connection which runs over a PSTN line) then connects your calls to our “host” provider in another location. This is where the name “hosted” comes from.

This cloud based technology offers the same functionality of a traditional system (and often more), that can help you cut costs further with cheap VoIP phone call rates.

How Much Will You Save?

Not only are the costs of a VoIP phone system significantly lower than traditional phone systems you'd have hard wired into an office dust cupboard... but the phone call rate saving you get with VoIP SIP services are amazing.

Obviously what you'll exactly save comes down to how much you currently spend... So let us do the math for you. If you haven't already, send us one of your recent phone bills below and we’ll look over it, do the comparison and you know how much you will be saving.

The Right Handset For the right job

Every staff member needs a Handset or PC softphone, but does the person out the back really need a top of the line model? Totally up to you! Tailor the system to your needs…