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3.Hosted CloudPBX Call Plans

Step 3. Choose Your Call Package

Choosing the right call package can potentially save your business thousands of dollars each and every year.

It just requires two very easy choices…

1. Firstly, How Many Phone Lines Do You Need?

Unlike other fixed solutions out there, each SpringCom CloudPBX phone does not need its own phone line to operate. This helps you save big, each and every month.

Every simultaneous phone call in or out of your business requires its own individual line - but how often are all your staff on calls at the exact same time?

Reduce your monthly bill by smartly sharing your phone lines across all your handsets.

For example, if you have 6 staff, but only ever have 3 of them on calls at the same time, save yourself money, and start with only 3 lines across the system. (You can always instantly scale and adjust this with one quick call to our office.)

2. Secondly, Do You Prefer to CAP Your Charges OR Pay For What You Use?

CAP Plans

Are popular because you get unlimited usage and you will know exactly what your phone bill will be every month. You will love the peace of mind and it’s easy to budget for.

Do the simple math, for only a fraction more than what your currently paying in traditional line rental charges, you will now get unlimited calls included!


Pay As You Go

Plans are perfect for customers that make very few outbound calls and just want really cheap rates and even cheaper line rental.

Find below some example call plan options, and call our team today to discuss the
various call rate plans available that best suit your business.




Call Type
Monthly Access Fee
Per Line
$60 per line
Local Calls All Included
National Calls All Included
Calls to Mobiles All Included
Calls 13/1300 All Included
Call Type
Monthly Access Fee
Per Line
$10 per line
Local Calls 10c per Call Untimed
National Calls 10c per Call Untimed
Calls to Mobiles 10c per 30secs
Calls 13/1300 38.5c per Call
Next, select any optional extras you’d like to add to your system

or call our team on 1300 889 792 for guidance.