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5.Hosted CloudPBX Installation Options

Step 5. Installation + Connectivity

Unlike traditional phone systems, the SpringCom Hosted Phone System solution gives you installation, connection and set-up options to suit your business, technical expertise and budget.

Installation of your newly customised hosted PBX system couldn’t be easier.

ALL your Handsets are delivered already programmed

Unlike traditional phone systems, all your hosted phone handsets are already preprogrammed and tailored to each user’s requirements before you even receive them. So if you’re only moderately computer savvy, all the heavy lifting has been done – making self-installation a breeze.

This is why many customers actually go with the DIY option knowing that our local support centre is there to help, and the entire process is actually very logical and straightforward. If you can plug a cable into a modem, and a cable into a phone handset, you’re practically there.

We would prefer to install the solution for you, but we are mindful that it’s your money, not ours. Even if you choose DIY and find it just a tad too hard, you can always revert to our concierge option for one of our experienced techs to attend site and take care of everything

Whichever option you choose we are there to support you 100% and remember,

you have access to our FREE unlimited programming changes at any time in the future.

DIY Install Plug & Play - FREE

Your handsets will be shipped programmed and ready to go.

So it really is just the simple process of plugging them into your internet connection and watching them come alive with all your customised programming already there.

Don’t stress though, we also have a knowledgeable team of 100% Australian based service representatives to support you or your IT guy over the phone at no extra cost.

Prefer a Professional Concierge Installation?

We also understand that some companies don’t have an IT guy, or simply don’t want to touch anything even remotely technical. That’s why we also offer a great on site concierge service.

Our technical team will arrive on site, connect up the handsets and get you up and running.

We’ll even send a technician to your office(s) to check everything prior to the installation. That way there is no surprises, and ensures a smooth implementation when the handset arrive.

Priced On Request

Dedicated IP Voice Data [Higher Call Quality & Control]

With all VoIP and Hosted CloudPBX Phone Systems, all your phone calls are made over an internet connection; not traditional copper phone lines. This is why you can significantly reduce your monthly phone bill - eliminating expense traditional line rentals, and gaining significantly reduced call rates.

So it goes without saying, the quality of your office internet can play a role in the call quality of your VoIP Calls. Many companies running high speed quality data networks, such as the NBN or Fibre in their offices already, shouldn’t have a problem at all – and you can share your general internet usage with your VoIP CloudPBx calls without any issues. Your IT company will just need to make a couple of slight changes to your network and firewall to enable VoIP + SIP compatibility.

However, if you’re already heavily reliant on the office broadband for emails, internet and networking; and you only have a standard ADSL2+ Broadband service, we strongly suggest you look at getting a dedicated IP Voice Data Line.

Highest Quality VoIP Calls with Dedicated Voice-Data

By implementing a separate dedicated voice-data connection just for your CloudPBX, you won’t have any data-sharing issues and you’ll be in the best position for the clearest and highest quality of calls.

There is no chance someone in your office sending a large email attachment, or watching YouTube at lunch will affect your call quality; as they are totally separate connections. Dedicated Voice-Data connections ensure that the entire internet bandwidth available at your premises is dedicated solely for your CloudPBX services.

When it comes to delivering your all-important communications, having a dedicated voice-data connection; also means the SpringCom team can control (and see) everything across the network, providing you the best possible solution, reduced changes of telco-hacking and a much better experience for your staff and clients.

Not sure if a dedicated service is needed at your office? You can always get your CloudPBX up and running initially on your existing internet service and make the transition to dedicated at any time.

Call our team today to find out more about which installation and data options are right for your business.