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Alcatel 4010 Easy Reflex Phone Handset (basic)

The Alcatel 4010 easy reflex digital phone is the entry level model in the previous Alcatel Reflex series. It's still available to buy as a used Alcatel 4010 phone handset but they haven't made them for quite some time. It has been replaced by the Alcatel Lucent 4019 digital phone. For a full overview of the Alcatel 4010 please read below.

Alcatel 4010 Easy Reflex Phone Handset (Digital basic model)

  • Refurbished condition for excellent value
  • Automatic Redial function
  • 10-number Speed Dial
  • Voice Mail
  • Multiple Line Operation (2)
  • LCD Display
  • Corded for optimal clarity

The Alcatel 4010 Easy Reflex handset is part of the previous phone handset range.  It has been replaced by the Alcatel 4019 phone handset .  Used Alcatel 4010 handsets are still avaiable at the itelecom online store

It is a basic phone it is perfect for users that aren't heavy users.  The Alcatel 4020 premium reflex handset is a better handset (especially second hand to buy) and is infinitely more feture rich. The Alcatel 4010 phone should be used for kitchens, lobbies, and staff that need to do little more than make or receive calls.