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Alcatel 4035 Phone Handset (reception)

The Alcatel 4035 digital phone is the receptionist or manager handset in the previous Alcatel Reflex series. It's still available to buy as a used Alcatel 4035 phone handset. It has been replaced by the Alcatel Lucent 4039 digital phone. For a full overview of the Alcatel 4035 phone please read below.

Alcatel 4035 Advanced Reflex phone (reception)

The Alcatel series shows you new, modern and professional digital phones in terms of audio quality, esthetics, communications productivity and ease of use.

The Alcatel 4035 phone is from the previous Alcatel Reflexes series handsets and was known as the "Advanced" phone model. The equivalent new phone is the Alcatel 4039 handset.

  • Hands free operation
  • Dial by name or number
  • Key-based navigation system
  • Large, easily readable LCD screen
  • Integrated keyboard allows for the dial-by-name feature as well as text messaging
  • Integrated DECT for secure wireless operation
  • 24 Programmable Keys
  • Compatible with the OmniPCX 4400 pabx, 4200 pabx, OmniPCX pbx
  • Voice Mail
  • Multiple Line Operation, up to 24 lines
  • Speakerphone with digital duplex audio processing for total clarity
  • Built-In Caller ID
  • Intercom function