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Alcatel 4038 Phone Handset (IP Reception)

The Alcatel-Lucent 4038 phone is the reception/ manager handset in the Alcatel 8 series IP range. With extra keys it's perfect for heavy phone users that require extra visibility of staff. You can even add an extra DSS console for even simpler viewing. For a full overview of the Alcatel 4038 phone please read below.

Key features of the Alcatel 4038 phone handset include:

Alcatel 4038 Phone Handset (IP Reception/manager)

The Alcatel 4038 phone is the 2nd from the top of the range (Alcatel 4068 is the best) in the Alcatel 8 series IP handsets. It's virtually identical to the 4068 phone with the exception of no colour screen nor Bluetooth connectivity. In our experience very few customers ever justified the additional expense of the colour screen option and the Alcatel 4038 phone is the model that companies deploying IP use for their receptionist console.

With its large display the Alcatel Lucent 4038 phone is designed for receptionists or managers that need to see more a glance. The only things that distinguish the 4038 from the Alcatel 4028 phone is the larger display at a higher resolution, 4 grey levels not just black and white and the fact there are 10 soft keys where the 4028 phone only has 6. The rest of the features remain constant between the models and you can choose between two handset colour choices - urban grey and arctic white. Like many premium IP handsets the Alcatel 4038 phone offers wideband audio quality for a true to life and a premium IP sound experience. This sound quality also extends to the excellent built-in speakerphone, for clearer conversations and voice conferencing.

The Alcatel 4038 handsets 10 soft keys allow users to control what they see on screen. Next to each button they are presented with programmable options on screen that can be used to see staff/ phone lines and other features they may choose to customise it to. If you want to call a person you simply look for their name and press the button next to it. Easy isn’t it.

Although there are 10 options on screen, you can scroll across the screen to present more - up to 40 options in total. This is far more than a standard key system handset that is limited by the number of buttons on a handset. For most users 40 functions is a lot however for receptionists they also have the option of adding up to 120 additional buttons with the Alcatel 40 button DSS extra consoles that are easily attached to the side of the phone. This allows them to see all staff at a glance. If you need beyond that we suggest you look for the PC Attendant version that allows for the phone to be driven on screen for greater efficiency.

One of the most unique features of the Alcatel 4038 phone and all top Alcatel handset models is the QWERTY keyboard that is at the base of the phone. The keyboard is the fastest way to access the systems 3000 speed dial capacity and is virtually unique to Alcatel and one other brand. All you do is type in the name of the person and the options are clearly displayed on screen. For people that call the same customers a lot this is a real productivity tool not a gimmick. The keyboard can also be used for internal messaging if you choose to which is great for PA’s and executive assistants.

The Alcatel 4038 handset also has a silver 4 directional navigation button in the middle of the phone. This is very similar to many other modern phones and makes accessing the systems features very easy. Speaking of buttons, another clever design feature of the 4038 phone is they have colour coded and sized the most popular phone functions like hold, speaker phone, voicemail etc so they stand out more. The more important the function, the brighter the colour and the larger the button size. You would think it might look strange but it actually looks great and makes the handset easier to use on a daily basis.

The Alcatel 4028 phone is cheaper again and given the fact it is almost as feature rich as the 4038 phone, it is probably the pick of the Alcatel 8 series IP handset line up. In a typical Omni PCX office deployment with IP phones the bulk of the staff would get a combination of Alcatel 4028 and Alcatel 4018 phone handsets. The 4038 would only be for reception and managers if they felt the need. By adjusting your IP handset composition you really can keep implementation costs down.

For small business users one of the downsides is that IP handsets like the 4068, 4038 and 4028 are potentially very different from the key systems they may be used to. Many customers’ staff are used to seeing flashing buttons next to large button consoles. However technology is moving towards large screen driven handsets. Unfortunately Alcatel doesn’t really offer this traditional style. Other manufacturers have addressed this issue by offering two, very distinct series of IP handsets – the modern screen driven as well as the more tradition key system, to address exactly this issue. The Alcatel Lucent 4038 phone, and the entire 8 series, are great easy to use handsets so just make sure it’s right for your office environment.

As the Alcatel 4038 is entirely on screen display, the soft keys next to the screen don’t have colour LED’s like other manufacturers offer. This is not as easy as glancing at a red LED to see someone is on the phone. For receptionists we often suggest adding on a 40 button DSS console with LED lights to augment the 4038 and allow them to see everyone at once if this is the preferred option.

Like all IP handsets, the Alcatel 4038 phone when connected to an Ethernet point on the pbx will automatically initialise. Unlike digital handsets where you have to reprogram a phone if a staff member moves, IP allows you to plug and play. If you have remote workers or staff that hot desk they simply walk up to a spare IP phone and login. Their extension number as well as their personal customised settings is all instantly available on the handset in front of them. It is one of the great features of IP technology.

It’s important to note that with the Alcatel Omni PCX phone system you can combine any combination of IP or digital handsets. When you look at corresponding digital and IP phone equivalents you will see they are visually identical – the difference is in the IP internal switch that allows them to connect via IP. You can save a lot of money deploying IP handsets only when/ where you need them and leaving the remaining staff with Alcatel digital handsets like the Alcatel 40394029 or 4019 models. Speak to a consultant about which mix of technology is best for your needs and your budget.

The Alcatel 4038 phone comes with a 12-month Alcatel warranty as well as our exclusive free phone support for the life of your Alcatel Omni PCX phone system. Obviously the free phone support offer is only available to Infiniti customers. If you’d like to know more about the Alcatel 4038 IP handset, or any of the other Alcatel models, please call our friendly experts for more information and free pricing.

Alcatel 4038 Phone Compared To Other 8 Series IP Handsets

  Alcatel 4068 phone Alcatel 4038 phone Alcatel 4028 phone 4018 phone 4008 phone
Display Adjustable graphical display Adjustable graphical display Adjustable graphical display Character display Character display
Resolution 240x320 pixels 1/4VGA 100x160 pixels 64x128 pixels 20 characters 20 characters
Size 74x56 mm 78x51 mm 70x38 mm 75x12 mm 75x12 mm
Color 4096 colors 4 gray levels Black & White Black & White Black & White
Contextual keys 2x5 contextual keys 2x5 contextual keys 2x3 contextual keys    
Programmable keys Up to 70 soft keys*
Up to 40 soft keys**
2 personal keys/LED
Up to 70 soft keys*
Up to 40 soft keys**
2 personal keys/LED
Up to 70 soft keys*
Up to 40 soft keys**
2 personal keys/LED
6 keys with LED 6 keys with LED
Navigator 4 directions 4 directions 4 directions 2 directions 2 directions
Validation (OK) & exit keys          
Message key + LED          
End key          
Redial key          
Help key          
Alarm LED (2 colors)          
Hands-free key with LED          
Other Features
Hands-free mode          
External loudspeaker          
Volume keys +/-          
Mute key with LED          
Handset Comfort Comfort Comfort Comfort Standard
Specific headset plug 3.5 mm          
Alphabetic keyboard          
Dial by name        **  **
Bluetooth® 1.2 wireless techn.          
IP Characteristics
PC connectivity with switch
External power supply          
IEEE 802.3af full compliance          
Class of consumption Class 2 Class 2 Class 2 Class 2 Class 2
10/100BT auto-sensing
Alcatel DHCP server disabling          
VLAN management          
Wall mount kit Option Option Option Option Option
60° foot stand Option Option Option Option Option
Addiontal 10&40 key modules Up to 50 keys*
Up to 120 keys**
Up to 50 keys*
Up to 120 keys**
Up to 50 keys*
Up to 120 keys**
Smart display module 3 modules max 3 modules max 3 modules max    
Bluetooh® 1.2 wireless handset Option        
Weight Dimensions (LxDxH) 1070 grams 1020 grams 1015 grams 790 grams 790 grams
Phone only 240x188x133mm 240x180x133mm 240x175x133mm 220x175x133mm 220x175x133mm
Wall mounted 240x100x218mm 240x100x208mm 240x100x203mm 220x100x203mm 220x100x203mm