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Alcatel OXO System Features

To make your investigations easier we've compiled a list of popular Alcatel Lucent Omni PCX features.

Alcatel OXO [OmniPCX] Phone System Features

Here we’ve compiled a list of all the popular Alcatel OXO phone system features. These features below are not necessarily unique to the OMNI PCX. When shopping for a new phone system it's important you understand what you want the system to do and what features and technology is avaiable in the market. You don't want to end up with a phone system that doesn’t do that one thing you may need down the track!

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Transferring calls

In order to manage incoming call traffic effectively you need to be able to transfer calls quickly and efficiently. If you have lots of staff it can be a good idea to invest in an extra Alcatel DSS console or a receptionist console where you can transfer calls at the click of a mouse. It is important with the Alcatel solutions in particular that the receptionist has a good grasp on how transferring actually works.

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Hold Functionality

This is a commonly used button on your new handset. On the Alcatel digital and IP handsets it is typically done by touching the hold button. It’s easy to find and easy to use.

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Conference Calls & Conference Bridging

The Alcatel Omni PCX offers standard 3 party conference calls. This means you will be able to connect up to 3 external parties (depending on the number of phone lines you have). For extra money you can upgrade the system to 6 party conferencing. Internal parties don’t count.

The Alcatel Omni PCX doesn’t offer advanced conference bridging so you need to work out if your conferencing demands actually require it. This is where the phone system will call and connect to parties at a predetermined time or parties can call into a predetermined phone number and be conferenced automatically by the system. Just think…you want to initiate a conference call at 1pm tomorrow.

If general conferencing is important to you then make sure you also ask about professional Polycom conference phones as they really enhance and make th entire process very easy.

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Day & night greetings

The Alcatel OXO and Compact edition both include free day & night greetings as standard to ensure your callers receive a polished, professional impression of your company, first time, any time. If you and your staff are on other calls, or are too busy to take a call, you can let the customer be answered by your day & night greeting.

Regardless of how busy you get in your day, the day & night greeting facility on the Alcatel PCX system means valuable callers will be looked after. A tailored greeting such as “Thank you for calling ABC, your call is important and we will be with you in just a moment” will be heard by the caller, who will then be placed on hold automatically to wait until you can attend to them.

At night this message can be changed to something more appropriate, such as “Welcome to ABC, our office is currently unattended. However if you would like to leave a message our staff will return your call the following business day.” In this way your business will always sound great and never miss a sales opportunity.

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Full Auto Attendant (press 1, press 2 etc)

The Alcatel Omni PCX offers full auto attendant but this requires an upgrade to the system requiring both a hard drive and licences. If this is important then with the additional cost it may be cheaper to look to a solution like the Avaya that offers this at no charge.

Full Auto Attendant on the Alcatel omni PCX allows you to present callers with options to choose from such as "press 1 for sales, Press 2 for admin etc". This is great for very large companies with multiple divisions or for small companies without a receptionist.

Unlike many systems that are every limited with their menu/ tree complexity, you can really create an elaborate option base as/if required by your organisation. No matter whether you select Auto Attendant or simple day/night greetings, the result is you will never lose another opportunity, compromise professionalism or hurry through one call simply to take the next! You will now give every caller the best impression, every time.

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Personal voicemail

Again this great feature is included standard on the Alcatel. For most businesses the standard 2 port voicemail is fine. If you have a lot of staff or are heavy users then ask about upgrading to more voicemail ports.

The Alcatel voicemail works in exactly the same way as it does on your mobile phone. Callers hear a personalised greeting and are invited to leave a message. You can then access these greetings, save them, replay or delete them as necessary with clear and easy to follow on screen navigation. And unlike some carrier voicemail services, it won’t cost you a cent to retrieve them.

As far as voicemail goes this is relatively basic. If you are after multiple options or being able to toggle between multiple pre-recorded voicemail messages based on availability, time of day, in a meeting etc then check out other systems.

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Voicemail to email

No matter where you are you can always access your voicemail with the option of the Alcatel unified messaging. With this smart feature your voicemails are automatically turned into audio files (.WAV) and emailed to your inbox. It is then simply a matter of listening to them on your smart phone or laptop.

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Cheap VoIP Calls & SIP trunking

The Alcatel allows you to connect a multitude of different VoIP services, from VoDSL to the latest and most advanced SIP trunking. This means huge savings on line rental and external call costs, as well as free internal calls – even if those calls are to other branches on your VPN or IP network.

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Great Looking Handsets

The Alcatel handsets come in a range of models to suit every price point and requirement. They're incredibly stylish and arguably offer the best looking handsets series in the marketplace. They have brightly coloured buttons that are intelligently located for the most frequent caller functions. As previously mentioned the handsets are very much a love’em or hate’em proposition so make sure you check them out first. If you fall into the former category you’ll never look back!  Here's a list of the available Alcatel handsets

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Cordless Phone compatibility & Alcatel DECT

Give yourself the freedom to move around your office space by integrating a cordless phone to the Alcatel Lucent Omni PCX. You can connect most analogue and digital cordless phones, as well as their own special Alcatel DECT handsets for an enhanced user experience.

GYou can connect any codrles phone to the Alcatel through an anolgue extension on the system. If all you want to do is answer calls away from your desk then these are perect. If however, you want to be able to transfer and replicate mucgh of the normal handset functionality then you need to go for the Aclaetl 400 DECT model.

Cordless phone technology is fantastc if you have staff that are always moving around or if you have warehousing. Calls from the system to these handsets are free and means you’ll always be able to get a hold of people when you want them. The DECT system also has indoor and outdoor base stations available for any cordless environment.

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Remote staff – connecting to the office

With the briallint IP technology in the Alcatel Omni PCX your staff can now work from anywhere (with internet) and stay connected to the office phone system just like they are in the office. They can do this with an IP softphone or an IP handset.

Using IP, staff members can connect to your phone system anywhere there is an internet connection. By either plugging in an Alcatel IP handset or using an Alcatel soft phone (software loaded on to a PC or laptop), users can instantly connect to the office phone system becoming, essentially, just another extension number. This means they can contact the office for free, as well as see who is on the phone, who is free, etc.

Conversely, when it comes to monitoring remote staff performance, supervisors can view call activity, usage, numbers dialled and other important statistics. This means you can now effectively manage staff from anywhere in the world, opening up a world of potential HR opportunities.

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Using your PC as your phone with Alcatel Pimphony

You can have a virtual phone from anywhere you can get the internet. Via a web browser and the Alcatel soft phone application you can make, receive call – in fact anything you can do on a desk phone

So all you need is a PC, Laptop or an IP phone and you can control everything with the click of a mouse. Incoming call? Simply click to answer. If you don’t have an IP phone connected you will need a Unified Communication headset of some description to be able to talk.

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Customer System Self Administration

Although many resellers won’t provide this – we do. The Alcatel comes with an easy to use customer administration module that makes it easy to make your own ads moves and changes. And with remote access if there’s something you can’t do we can always dial into the system and do it for you.

This means you are now in a position to look after the ongoing operation and programming of your own Alcatel Omni pbx solution.

With the Alcatel Omni PCX you can log on (password protected for administrators) and make changes to almost everything in the phone system:

  • How the phone rings
  • Where the phone rings
  • Announcement messages
  • Setting up a new user
  • Deleting an existing user
  • Day and night timers
  • Call queuing timers and messages
  • And much, much more

The only thing we don't show users is how to change the very technical phone line setup. One mistake here in programming and your phone stops working!

Customers love this incredible functionality and the fact they get it for FREE when they choose Infiniti for their Alcatel solution. No longer do they put up with annoying errors or idiosyncrasies. They can make changes to the system anytime, day or night and those changes are then effected real-time and are instantaneous. The software is free but there are time charges in showing advanced users how to use this properly.

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Linking Multiple Sites

When you have more than one location IP can be the single greatest phone system addition you can do. Not the cheap VoIP calls referenced before but the intelligent Alcatel Oni PCX IP system features that are used for linking multiple sites, or remote workers.

  • They allow other users on the phone system to see, transfer, and receive calls, from other sites and staff no matter where they are located in Australia and even around the world. Imagine these scenarios:
  • Being able to answer a call in Melbourne and by simply looking at your Alcatel phone handset see if someone in Sydney, or any other site is available to take the call If the phone in Sydney isn't answered in time it can overflow to other sites where other staff are available to answer. It will even come up as Sydney overflow so they know how to answer the call.
  • Having a person log on with a laptop and automatically be able to make and receive phone calls just like they could in the office with the Alcatel Softphone software
  • Have staff work from home and be able to make and receive calls just like they were in the office with an IP handset Be able to see all staff on the phone at a glance no matter where they are in the world.

The possibilities are almost endless and can literally redefine the way you work and communicate. Geography and distance is no longer a deterrent to the way you communicate with an Alcatel IP platform.

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More essential phone system features

To effectively manage call traffic, phone systems equips you with a host of essential phone features including mute, volume control, transfer, hold, speed dial and more.

To effectively manage call traffic, phone systems equips you with a host of essential phone features including mute, volume control, transfer, hold, speed dial and more.

Mute – Did you know that if you simply put your hand over the handset mouthpiece, callers can still make out much of what you say? The mute feature electronically turns off your handset microphone so you can converse with your colleagues in private, without having to put your caller on hold. This is perfect if you want to discuss a private subject without letting the caller know you’re doing so.

Volume control – No more straining to hear a muffled conversation, or having your eardrums blasted by a yelling caller! Volume control lets you adjust audio levels on both your handset and speakerphone (where applicable) to ensure a natural listening experience.

Speed dial – Rather than having to remember frequently dialled numbers, speed dial lets you store your most important contacts on the phone so you can dial them with a single push of a button or scroll through a speed dial directory that allows you to save 1000s of business contacts. If you have Alcatel PIMPhony you can do this even easier.

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