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LG Ericsson iPECS
SBG-1000Phone System

The LG Ericsson iPECS SBG-1000 pbx is a fantastic solution for small business owners that only need to expand up to 24 users. It offers almost all of the functionality of the larger iPECS-LIK solution at a reduced price. It's packed with the latest IP, CTI and mobility technology and the handsets are easy to use (can only use the LIP 8000 handsets with this system). For more detailed information about the LG iPECS SBG-1000 please read below.

LG Ericsson iPECS-SBG-1000

The LG iPECS SBG-1000 phone system is a very good, very affordable, solution for small business up to 24 users. It offers most small businesses everything you need in terms of technology and functionality except for the ability to scale (this is where the iPECS-LIK phone system models come into play).

The non-expandable 24 user capacity was an intentional move to allow LG Ericsson to create a lower entry price point with the budgets of small business owners firmly in mind. This puts the LG iPECS SBG-1000 phone system right in the financial sweet spot for companies looking to step up to the benefits of IP.  For comparison the SBG 1000 is about 20% cheaper than an equivalent specked LIK iPECS 50 phone system


Do you need to use VoIP for the SBG-1000?

No. One of the great things about the iPECS SBG-1000 phone system is even though it only works with IP handsets it still allows users to connect to either normal PSTN or ISDN phone lines (up to a maximum of 4) as well as the latest SIP trunks for VoIP.

This means you can still use your existing infrastructure and phone lines while getting all the benefits of the latest technology. If/when you’re ready to move to VoIP then it’s ready too.

Is the LG iPECS SBG-1000 NBN ready?

Yes. All purpose built IP pbx systems are designed to work with the NBN and, in fact, work with the existing infrastructure anyway. NBN only affects people that have not been able to get fast enough data to this point to allow for business grade IP phone calls. If you already have ADSL 2+ then the reality is you can probably get VoIP phone calls right now. With the additional speed offered by proposed NBN solutions it simply makes moving to VoIP and IP a much simpler decision.

Connect your mobiles phones, tablets and PC’s to the phone system.

Yes you read that correctly. LG Ericsson iPCES SBG 1000 phone system also offers additional applications for the mobile worker in different ways:

  • IP Communicator SIP based client for Android and AppleTM iOS smartphones. This simply means that you have an application on your mobile phone that allows users to not only connect to the phone system but also use much of the systems functionality like a desk phone whether you are in or out of the office.
  • Phontage IP softphone for your laptop or PDA. This is a special program on your PC that also provides the internal or remote worker with full access to the office phone system while working from home, travelling overseas or at a local restaurant with WiFi access.

A staff member no longer has to have an office phone, or even be in the office to connect to your staff or your customers. They can use the tools they already have (mobile phones, laptops etc) and still be part of your solution. This is one of the best elements of the latest technology.

Can I expand the SBG-1000?

The SBG -1000 can be used to link multiple sites or simply remote workers. You can do this by having separate SBG1000 phone systems in each of your sites to create a unified network. However, if it is just for the one site then you are limited by the 24 Ports on the system (the exact number of users depends on your exact configuration).

Range of great IP handsets to accompany the LG iPECS SBG-1000

The SBG 1000 differs slightly from the larger iPECS phone system in that it only supports the LG 8000 IP range of handsets.  The larger iPECS-LIK also works with the digital and older IP versions also. Here is a list of the handsets that work with the SBG-1000:

What features do you get with the iPECS SBG-1000?

As you’d expect from a solution of this calibre, the LG Ericsson iPECS SBG 1000 phone system allows you to do all the normal things (hold, transfer, speakerphone, speed dial etc). More advanced features like Voicemail and Auto Attendant are actually included at no charge and offer sophisticated functionality to improve your incoming call distribution and handling to help your business operate more effectively and sound more professional. With the 8000 IP handsets you also get additional benefits like being able to plug and play from any connected Ethernet port (computer port) in the office. So you can easily move staff if/when required by simply taking their handset and placing it somewhere else.

For those of you who like detail, here is a a more comprehensive list of the features and benefits of offered by the LG Ericsson iPECS SBG-1000 phone system:

Advanced effective communication

        • LG Ericsson’s advanced IP-PBX features
        • Value added applications including Voicemail, a range of 8000 Series IP Handsets and soft phone for PCs or mobile devices
        • Maximum 24 IP extensions with up to 6 SIP trunks without using DECT
        • Options for PSTN back up trunk including 2CO, 4CO, 1 BRI or 2 BRI

Advanced and comprehensive data networking

        • Embedded routing protocols, Gigabit WAN, 8 port FE LAN ports with 4 PoE and Quality of Service (QOS)
        • Advanced 11n Wi-Fi with MIMO and DECT technology for anywhere anytime connectivity

A robust set of embedded security options

        • SPI firewall, VPN (IPSec, PPTP, L2TP), authentication methods, access controls and rate limiting

IT Service functions

        • Embedded print server, file server and USB interface to build a shared storage network connecting external USB devices
        • FAX / PoS connect and relay for door control or alarms

Easy installation and management

        • Simplified installation and configuration using embedded smart install wizard with pre-defined configurations
        • Local and remote management through an intuitive web-based GUI
        • Interoperable with TR-069 and SNMP-based network management applications

For the average small business owner a lot of this may sound like gibberish. It simply means that the system is intelligent, stable and offers you everything you should be asking for. The LG Ericsson SBG-1000 phone system is an excellent solution whether you use VoIP now or are considering it in the future. It’s offered at an attractive price point and for small businesses it is a very good solution.

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