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Hosted VoIP Phone Systems

Hosted VoIP Phone Systems

Australia's First: Build Your Own VoIP Phone System.

Our nationwide service and support team has been established to not only give you peace of mind with award wining hosted IP phone systems,
but Australia’s first true ’Build Your Own VoIP Phone System’ offering.

Four Simple Steps To Your New Hosted IP Phone System Solution


VoIP Phone System Handsets

Simply select the type(s) of handsets that best suit your team

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System Features

Features of VoIP Phone Systems

Customise your system with our wide range of optional extras

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Phone Call Rates

Call Rates For IP Phone Systems

Choose the phone call package that fits your budget

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Installation & Connectivity

VoIP Phone System Installation

Choose a convenient installation and monthly connection option

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How Do VoIP Cloud Phone Systems Work?

Although highly advanced, Hosted / Cloud VoIP Phone Systems are as simple as IP handsets connected to a network switch and modem in your office. The SIP Trunk (a special VoIP internet connection which runs over a PSTN line) then connects your calls to our “host” provider in another location. This is where the name “hosted” comes from.

This cloud based technology offers the same functionality of a traditional system (and often more), that can help you cut costs further with cheap VoIP phone call rates.

How Much Will You Save?

Not only are the costs of a VoIP phone system significantly lower than traditional phone systems you'd have hard wired into an office dust cupboard... but the phone call rate saving you get with VoIP SIP services are amazing.

Obviously what you'll exactly save comes down to how much you currently spend... So let us do the math for you. If you haven't already, send us one of your recent phone bills below and we’ll look over it, do the comparison and you know how much you will be saving.

The Right Handset For The Right Job

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