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Small Business Phone Systems

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Choosing the right small business phone system can be incredibly confusing. So many options. You can relax because our friendly experts take the time to understand your needs, explain the options and what it means for you. We want you to make an informed decision, not push you into something like many companies. We'll talk to you in plain English and put everything in writing – even our 100% Money Back Guarantee. Discover why Infiniti is your smart choice.

What type of Small Phone System is right for you?

There are four different types of phone system solutions available to you in the market:

  • Hybrid IP Pbx systems – system that offers both traditional digital handsets, phone lines as well as the latest IP technology. Hence we call them “hybrids”.  Check out popular systems like the Avaya IP500Ericsson-LG SBG-1000 iPECSAlcatel Omni PCXSamsung 7030NEC SL1100 etc
  • IP Pbx – designed for all IP handsets and IP connectivity.  Most of the systems above fall into this category also as they can operate as pure IP solutions.
  • Hosted Phone System - a IP solution that doesn’t require an actual phone system.
  • Used Phone System – a preloved solution

VoIP is clearly the direction all solutions are moving to. The greatest misunderstanding from customers is that most think that deploying a VoIP solution will save them a fortune. For many it does, but for the rest the cost savings simply don’t justify the additional equipment expense. Before you decide please have your phone bills analysed so you can be sure the VoIP savings really are there for you – don’t just rely on a salesman’s word. Speak to our friendly experts and once we understand what you’re trying to achieve we can explain the various options so you can make a genuinely informed decision. Following you’ll find very useful topics you must consider no matter which small business phone system you ultimately deploy.

Popular phone systems.

Check out which systems are most popular and why. Remember that buying a popular system is a smart way to go because popularity is really a combination of customer satisfaction as well as how many units are sold.

Either way you know you're getting a solution that's proven.

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How much are phone systems?

Your system cost really depends on the type of system, the brand, the number of handsets and the model of handset. With Infiniti you can buy outright, rent or lease. If you're getting a normal hybrid solution then a 4 handset solution would start as low as approximately $20-30 per week depending on the brand.

This would include installation, setup and training as well. An 8 handset system aren't would be approximately $30-40 per week. So twice the size doesn't equate to twice the price. Conversely, hosted solutions pricing is calculated on a per handset cost as there is no phone system. Remove the guesswork and get a free same day quote now.

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What type of phone lines should I have?

Everyone is talking about VoIP (SIP in particular) and for many this is the holy grail of phone technology. It can deliver maximum phone call and line cost savings and when it is done at a business grade it delivers excellent call quality and reliability. However, for many small businesses, the additional costs of IP make traditional PSTN or IDSN phone system solutions equally attractive. A phone bill savings analysis will help you with this question. Your precise VoIP savings will depend on how much you spend, what are your current call rates as well as how many phone lines you wish to have.

Either way you know you're getting a solution that's proven.

How many Phone Lines should my business have?

This is a very difficult question because it depends on the company. Just remember that for every call you need a phone line. So if you have 4 staff and you want each to be on calls at the same time you will need 4 phone lines. If a 5th caller rings in they will get an engaged signal because you only have 4 phone lines. In addition to this you will also need a line for ADSL and eftpos etc.

The more lines you need the more potential savings you may experience with VoIP because it doesn't require expensive rentals per line.

Should I have IP phone handsets or digital ones?

Digital handsets are cheaper to buy because they don't have a network switch inside them like IP versions. For many brands they will be identical looking and the only difference is in the way they connect to the pbx or switch. Digital handsets are normally about 20% cheaper which is very attractive to many small business owners. You DO NOT need to run IP handsets if you simply want to save money with cheap VoIP calls on hybrid systems. Hybrid systems still allow for IP handsets so it's up to you and your budget.

With hosted and IP pbx solutions then digital handsets may not even be an option. This is because the entire systems are designed for complete IP connectivity. If you have remote users then IP handsets are the only way to go for all systems.

What about future expansion?

Don't worry. Most systems these days are designed to expand up to 24 + users and some will even expand to 1000's. The key here is does your expansion involve other locations or individual remote workers? If so then you need to look seriously at a solution that offers IP connectivity whether you choose to deploy that part of it today or when you need it in the future.

Should I Rent, Lease or Buy the phone system?

A very popular option for small business owners is to rent their technology. It frees up cash flow and offers 100% tax deductible monthly payments. Leasing is similar to renting but there is a fixed residual at the end of your preferred term.

If you don't want to pay interest charges then buying a system outright is still the best option. No matter which option, we always suggest you speak to your accountant or financial advisor for their expert advice. These are effectively the major overriding considerations when buying a small business phone system. To find out how a new small business phone system can change the ways you work then check out the "Top Must have Fetures" tab.

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Choosing the right small phone system has never been easier with our range of leading brands, everyday low pricing and one stop service. Plus all our phone systems are backed by Australia's only 4 day 100% Money Back Guarantee for your peace of mind. Just click on a brand below to find out more.

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