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GSM Gateways

With more and more mobility in the workforce GSM gateways are the secret to saving a fortune on expensive office to mobile phone calls. They are simple, easy to install and can save $1000’s off your phone bills - even if you are already using VoIP.

The only prerequisite is that your staff are currently on a mobile fleet plan. At the moment you would have the benefit of staff-staff mobile communication but you are still paying for calls to staff mobiles from the office.

With GSM Gateways your phone system can be easily added to your mobile fleet plan thereby giving you free calls to your staff from landline or mobile! Depending on your call volumes this can save $1000’s.

Every time your staff pick up a handset to call your mobile fleet you save money. And, even if you’ve trained them to use their mobiles in the office, they no longer have to. This means they can now put callers on hold, transfer to external staff mobile phones and it’s all absolutely FREE!

For example:

ABC Transport is a nationwide delivery company, with 46 drivers on the road daily. Before connecting to a GSM Gateway, their monthly calls from head office to driver’s mobiles were out of control. Now, after switching to a plan with free mobile to mobile calls and connecting several GSM Gateway devices, ABC Transport is saving over $10,000 annually on their phone bill.

Thousands of companies -from sales reps to real estate agents to cleaning franchises- are already taking advantage of the huge savings GSM offers. It’s easy to add on to any existing phone system and with the right plan you’ll receive your call rates FREE! Plus, your GSM dialler can pay for itself within 3 – 6 months.

How do they connect to the phone system?

You will need a qualified phone technician to install and reprogram your phone system. They connect to your existing pabx via a PSTN or ISDN port in the system itself. They do not piggy back of an existing line but rather act as their own separate line(s) on the system. You then program, or LCR, the system with the mobile phone numbers in your fleet of users. Every time you call one of these mobiles the system will automatically route the call out through any available GSM gateway. Smart isn’t it.

How much are GSM gateways and how many do you need?

A GSM gateway starts at about $400 and requires its own SIM card and to be connected to your existing fleet plan as an extra user (this does not include the cost of technician to install them). If you make lots of calls to the fleet from the office then you will require a GSM gateway for each simultaneous call. If you have ISDN services in place then you will need purpose built ISDN GSM gateway which differs from a PSTN GSM gateway and are more expensive (typically $1000+ but they do have 2 gateways in one and will need a SIM card for each).

Contact our friendly consultants to find out more about GSM gateways and whether this solution is right for your business.

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