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1a. Infiniti Telecommunications, and it's subsidiaries does not extend terms on any invoices without prior written agreement.

1b. The 50% phone system deposit is payable within 14 days of the customer agreement form being approved to guarantee the agreed purchase price. If the 50% deposit has not been received within 14 days of application, Infiniti reserves the right to consider this purchase cancelled and charge the cancellation fee as outlined below in 5a.

1c. If you pay your 50% phone system system deposit by credit card, then you agree that the balance payable (50%) can be deducted from the same credit card on the day of the main system (pabx) installation.

1d. If for any reason your final system phone system balance payment has not been made within 7 days of the installation of the phone system, we reserve the right to disable the operation of the phone system and/or remove the phone system until payment is made in full.

1e. All goods supplied remain the property of Infiniti Telecommunications until payment is made in full.

1f. Infiniti Telecommunications can in no way be held accountable for any loss of trade or revenues due to the deactivation and/or removal of our goods due to non payment.

1g. If the customer defaults in any scheduled payment then all monies owing to Infiniti Telecommunications P/L shall be immediately due, payable and;

i. The debt will be subject to collection charges which will be added to the outstanding account of monies owing and interest rate under section 32 of the Supreme Court Act 1932 will be claimed up to and including the date which the debt is paid in full.

ii. A late payment fee of $75 including GST may be applied at Infiniti’s discretion is payment in full is not received by the due date.

iii. All expenses incurred by the supplier in recovering the monies due inclusive of solicitor’s charges, debt collectors fees and disbursements, any costs or charges on relation to security documents and any fees on dishonor shall be a debt due and owing by the customer.

iv. You agree to make access available to your premises during normal business hours for the removal of the phone system and other related goods provided by Infiniti. Your 50% deposit will be refunded less the installation and removal charges.

1h. Additional training, implementation of messages on hold, or connection of phone lines are free services provided by Infiniti and shall not be cause for delay any outstanding monies by the client. Infiniti reserves the right not to provide these services if the balance of the payment (50%) or the competition of rental paperwork, has not been paid and returned.


2a. For customers that are paying without finance,(by method of either electronic Funds Transfer, cheque or Credit card payment), you agree that our 14 day money back guarantee is voided once you, or any authorised company representative, has signed the form titled 'installation satisfaction' or approved electronic closure of the job in our Service Portal system. For customers that have chosen to finance their phone system, either through their own, or our nominated finance provider, the 14 day Money back guarantee is voided once finance has been either approved, finance documentation completed or the finance settlement amount has been finalised. Please understand that up until approval or settlement the 14 day money back guarantee is in place unless you or any authorised company representative, has signed the form titled 'installation satisfaction' or approved electronic closure of the job in our Service Portal system.

2b. If the customer wishes to remove the system for ANY reason, after the money back period has expired, Infiniti Telecommunications reserves the right to charge up to 50% of the total invoiced amount (system cost).


3a. Any relevant manufacturers warranties only cover hardware unless stipulated. Warranty claims do not cover any associated labour costs. For a schedule of our service fees go to brochures/ServiceRequestForm.pdf

3b. If you do not enter into a ongoing maintenance agreement specifying costs and service level agreements for the support and maintenance of your phone system, Infiniti Telecommunications P/L is not obliged to service your system within any time frame and reserves the right to refuse service entirely.

3c. In no event arising from or in relation to this agreement, shall Infiniti Telecommunications be liable for any incidental or consequential loss or damages. However arising , including but not limited too, losses resulting from business interruption or lost profits or any similar loss.


4a. Connection of new phone lines and alterations to phone services are the client’s responsibility.

4b. Infiniti Telecommunications P/L does not purport to be, nor make any claims to be a telecommunications services provider of phone calls, data, mobile services or phone lines. Our suggested provider options are simply that and you understand that we assume no responsibility for any delays or additional charges, caused by third party communications carriers of your choosing.

4c. If Infiniti is asked to organise new phone lines (phone services), numbers, 1300 or 1800 numbers for customers we do so on behalf of the customer assuming no responsibility for delays or changes of these services. We do not purport to be, or are, the end supplier of these services and are only trying to help customers facilitate this. The customer reserves the right to deal directly with the service provider and not go through Infiniti should they request it.


5a. If the customer, your company, disrupts our installation by not being available on the scheduled day, or cancels an installation within 24hours of the scheduled time, or inform us that some element is ready when it is in fact not, then a cancellation fee of 20% of system cost or $500 whichever is greater will be charged.

5b. Infiniti Telecommunications reserves the right to change scheduled installation and service times and dates and is not responsible for any delays or costs that may result.

5c. If the customer wishes to cancel the contract and prior to a system being installed, a $400 admin processing fee will be payable.

5d. The installation process can take up to 4 weeks from the date of sign off. Exact timing is dependent upon readiness of cabling, phone lines, technician and goods availability as well as other factors.


6a. The bonus “Messages On Hold”, also referred to as “On Hold Advertising”, supplied with your phone system is only valid for 12 months from the date of your phone system “application form”. At the end of this period if you choose not to continue with this service, please notify us by email or phone and we will organise to remove these “messages” at your cost. Our associated technical costs can be found on our web site at brochures/ServiceRequestForm.pdf

6b. If you do not notify us at any time prior to the 12 month anniversary of the signing of your application form you will automatically enter into a further 12 month agreement at the Infiniti preferred customer discount rate of 20% less than the standard advertised price at

6c. Final approval and sign-off on the on hold advertising script must occur at least 4 business days prior to your installation. That way, Infiniti Telecommunications can have the messages professionally recorded in our studio in time to install them on the same day as your phone system. If the script has not been returned in time for the messages to be recorded you will incur a $300ex GST fee for a technician to upload the messages to your phone system.

7. VPN, VoIP and Internet services

7(a) Infiniti is not, does not purport to be, an IT Services company or a provider of internet services. Our suggested provider options are simply that and you understand that we assume no responsibility for any delays or additional charges, caused by third party internet providers of your choosing.

7(b) When it comes to loading software on customer’s servers or computers this is the responsibility of the customer. We assume no responsibility or any issues arising or conflicts arising from the loading of any requested software.

7(c) Infiniti cannot guarantee that standard issue software will be compatible with MAC/ Apple computers.

7(d) Setting up VPN links to IP or VoIP handsets is not Infiniti's responsibility. It is assumed that any required VPN links are in place or will be set up by the customer’s preferred IT contractor or in-house IT resources prior to the scheduled installation date. Once it has been established that the VPN link is in place and operational Infiniti technicians can connect the required IP or VoIP phone hardware. All VPN settings, and ensuring the equipment connects to a customers’ existing VPN is to be supervised and organised by the customers preferred IT support at the customers expense. We assume no responsibility for the quality or reliability of customers VPN links. Poor, or inferior VPN links may directly result in call dropouts and below average call quality. This has nothing to do with proven phone equipment and is the responsibility of the customers to find a better, more suitable VPN links to ensure call quality and reliability.

7(e) Failure to have a VPN in place on the scheduled day of installation is not grounds for non-payment.

7(f) In the event VPN and the required customer services are not ready and require a subsequent visit from Infiniti technicians then this, and any additional visits required, will be billable and will attract our normal billable hourly service rates. This is not part of our prescribed installation process and it is the customers’ responsibility to ensure everything is ready and operational on the agreed installation date.

7(g) If Infiniti is asked to organise internet services we do so on behalf of the customer assuming no responsibility for delays or changes of these services. We do not purport to be, or are, the end supplier of these services and are only trying to help customers facilitate this. The customer reserves the right to deal directly with the service provider and not go through Infiniti should they request it. 

7(h) Failures, breakdowns or VPN outages are solely the customers’ responsibility as is the restoration of any services.

7(i) Changing user names & passwords for modems, routers or any other devices is not the reponsibility of Infiniti, nor its authorised representatives.

7(j) If you are using a dedicated Infiniti SIP service you are solely responsible for all call charges that may result.  In the event of any "hacking' of your system to make fraudulent calls Infiniti is not liable for any charges incurred or disrutption to business.  If hacking ensues it is your responsibility to bring your nominated SIP account up to terms (below yournominated credit limit).  In the event you do not, or choose not to, your outbound services will stop until your account is recifictied.  Any losses resulting from this eventuality will be solely the responsiblity of the end user and Infiniti will in no way be liable for loss of business or trade.


8a. We reserve the right to use third party technical resources for the implementation of your solution. In the event that we do, you agree not to contact these contractors directly, nor employ this resource at any time for the life of your phone system.

8b. The performance, call quality and range of cordless phones provided with the phone system, or by the customer, are not the responsibility of Infiniti Telecommunications P/L. Numerous external factors can reduce the effective range and quality of cordless phones. These factors include but are not limited to bad weather, interference outside the premises or other machinery.

8c. Any quoted prices for system and installation are subject to a physical site inspection. Any variations will be provided in writing to the customer prior to the commencement of any works.

8d. With particular reference to Alcatel phone systems, any “earthing” included in phone system quotations is subject to an earthing terminal being present and existing. In the event this is not the case the customer will need to make one available at their cost for the works to be completed. This is not a valid reason, and not a criteria to enact the money back guarantee.

8e. The site inspections we conduct are non-destructive. They are visual and we do not remove equipment. In the unlikely event unforeseen factors come to light during the actual installation, factors we’re not aware of, then you will be advised and any additional charges will be billable.

8f. Unless your system is covered by a maintenance contract, Infiniti are under no obligation to notify you of available system software updates for your system, nor is Infiniti under any obligation to provide said updates at no charge.

8g. The removal or deactivations of unused features in systems sold, serviced or maintained by Infiniti is not part of a standard installation or service visit. Any issues or charges that arise through the use/misuse of features left active is the responsibility of the end customer. Removal/denial of said features is carried out only by explicit request of the end user.