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Medium Used Phone System (30+)

When you don’t need bells and whistles

Most medium sized companies never consider a used phone system but for some it’s not only significantly cheaper, but also the smarter alternative. Just because you have more staff doesn’t necessitate complex call handling or needs that require the latest technology.

Discover below if a corporate used phone system satisfies your needs, not just your budget. All our used phone systems are fully tested, refurbished and come with 12 months parts warranty and our exclusive 14 Day money back guarantee.

Things To Consider

New vs Used Phone System – which is best?

New phone systems are about 2-3 times the price of used alternatives and the price difference is actually greater than with smaller solutions. To state the obvious, larger corporations have more staff. This is significant because where new technology can improve productivity or save money, your company will reap greater benefit across more people. So what determines if a new or used corporate phone system is the better option:

  • If new technology can provide significant productivity enhancements
  • What savings can this technology deliver to the bottom line

Before you buy a used solution we always suggest that you look at both options. Speak to an expert consultant and understand what technology is available, what benefits it can deliver to your business and make an informed decision.

Our consultants are happy to provide free written pricing on both new and used options and before you decide anything we’ll even send one of our qualified technicians free of charge for an inspection of your site. This way there are no surprises or extra costs for either of us.

Which brand of corporate used phone systems is best?

As long as you are buying a leading brand it is far more important to make sure that the feature set on offer will deliver what you want. With corporate used phone systems you should be looking at:

  • Age and popularity of the system
  • Features the systems offer
  • Expansion capabilities of the solution
  • Multi site capabilities if applicable
  • SIP and IP capabilities
  • Warranty and guarantees
  • Who is installing the solution
  • Price
  • Availability of ongoing spare parts

At our corporate used pbx systems are completely refurbished, tested and cleaned. That’s why we are confident is providing a 12 month warranty and our exclusive 14 day money back guarantee for solutions we professionally install. You can choose between different leading brands such as Alcatel, Avaya, Commander, LG Aria, Ericcson LG, NEC, Samsung, Panasonic and others. The availability of specific brands changes from week to week and it really depends on what you need the pbx system to do and which solution fits the bill.

In the unlikely event you happen to see the same product cheaper elsewhere, we’ll beat the price and you’ll still receive our Money back guarantee and extended warranty too.

What “new” phone features do you miss out on?

New IP Pbx and hosted solutions offer some awesome new technologies that unfortunately are simply not available on many corporate used telephone systems. We’ve compiled a list that identifies the most popular features deployed in larger corporations. It’s a good idea to take a look and make sure you’re not short-changing yourself long-term:

  • Built in SIP trunking (best type of VoIP service)
  • Multi site connectivity via IP
  • Connect home/ remote workers to the pbx system
  • Mobile phone twinning with desk phone
  • Ability to use mobile phones/tablets as desk phones from anywhere
  • Advanced IVR and Auto Attendant
  • Unified messaging (voicemail, email and faxes in your inbox)
  • Self administration of system
  • Call Accounting
  • Call recording
  • Call Centre applications
  • And others...

There’s a lot of jargon there so please speak to one of our experts for clarification on any of the above features and how they work in practice.

What type of phone lines should you have?

With larger companies the reality is you already have existing services in place. They are likely to be ISDN (OnRamp 2 or Primary rate) or PSTN. If you want to you can simply keep what you have an install them on the newer solution. Alternatively, you can also move to VoIP if the benefits are there to do so. New systems offer built in SIP trunking which is the best type of VoIP currently available. This means it’s native to the system and not a bolt on. This is an infinitely better way of delivering the VoIP services and delivers a more robust and better QOS (Quality of Service) as well as additional capacity over many third party adaptors. Given that larger companies have more phone lines this is really the only way you would want to deploy VoIP if you have 8 or more phone lines.

Unlike smaller companies you will most likely already have a very good feel for how many phone connections or services you require from the outset. VoIP, and in particular, SIP trunking is one of the key reasons customers will upgrade to a new solution – again providing the financial benefits are there. It is not uncommon for companies to save 50% of their telephony costs (phone calls and line rentals) in a SIP deployment. To work out how much your company can potentially save all we need is a copy of a current phone bill for analysis. For more information about phone rates please click on the following links - VoIP rates and PSTN and ISDN rates. The rates we provide to customers like you are entirely optional and ALL our new and used phone systems for mid sized business can be purchased with or without phone call plans.

Can you keep your phone numbers?

In a majority of cases you can always keep your phone numbers –even when moving to VoIP. The exceptions to this rule are if you are under contract with a current provider or if you are unlucky enough to have signed to a company that actually owns your phone numbers. If you are changing service providers you “port” your existing numbers over to the new carrier and they take control of the numbers and billing until you decide to change again in the future. Depending on the nature of the porting there is often no disruption to your business at all. Only when you are changing technologies do you need to have technicians on site for a number porting.

Will the system work with your current provider?

Of course it can. As long as the used phone system you’re replacing it with has the same phone line technology, it will simply connect to what you’ve already got. A phone system doesn’t care which carrier is billing you, it only needs to connect. In the future if you decide to switch carriers the same questions apply about the type of technology you are migrating to.

What if your business grows?

Size is not really the key here as most corporate used phone pabx systems will provide ample room for growth. The key is if you are looking at operating multiple office locations and linking them together. If this is a consideration you need to ensure that the solution can provide IP trunking between sites. The reality is this is whether new IP PBX and Hosted solutions really shine.

Are spare parts readily available in the future?

At Infiniti we only carry popular corporate phone systems. This means that spare parts and extra handsets are not only available, but also incredibly affordable on an ongoing basis. As a rule of thumb systems typically have parts available for about 10 years from the date of manufacture. Manufactures themselves will only continue spare parts supply for a period of 4 years once they have discontinued a product. After that parts are still available from companies like Infiniti in the secondary spare parts market. There are very few popular systems that we can’t get spare parts for. In fact, if you’re only upgrading because your current supplier has told you parts are no longer available then speak to us first as we may be able to help you fix your current solution.

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