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Small Used Phone Systems

Don’t pay for features you don’t need

A lot of customers only need basic functions. If that’s you then a used phone system may be the smarter, cheaper alternative. Plus, our used phone systems are fully tested, refurbished and come with up to 12 months warranty and our exclusive 14 Day money back guarantee. That’s the same as most new phone systems!

Things To Consider

Is a new phone system worth the extra money?

This is the number one question we’re asked by customers shopping their options. We love used phone systems and for about 50% of customers it gives them everything they need. For the other 50% a new system option makes a lot more commercial sense when everything is factored in. It’s not just price but additional features, benefits and even cost savings that can make a used solution look not only inferior, but even expensive by comparison for ROI.

The best advice we can give is get pricing on both options and weigh up the pro’s and con’s to make a genuinely informed decision. You might just be doing you and your business a massive disservice if you don’t.

Simply pick up the phone and arrange for a free site inspection and free pricing on both new and used phone system options. We’ll even send one of our qualified technicians at no charge to ensure that there are no surprises or extra costs that may result from additional cabling requirements etc.

Everything will be clearly spelled out in your free written pricing so there’s no guesswork – exactly how our customers like it.

Which used phone system brand is best?

The reality is that the brand of the used phone system is far less important than the:

  • Age and popularity of the system
  • Features on offer
  • Expansion capabilities
  • Warranty on offer
  • Price
  • Availability of ongoing spare parts

We have 100’s of leading brand used phone systems to choose from like Commander, LG Aria, Ericcson LG, NEC, Samsung, Avaya and Panasonic and more. So how do you decide which one is right? Our advice is to buy the best used system you can afford. The cheaper the system, the older the solution and the less features you will inevitably get. Also make sure the people selling it can professionally install it for you. If you buy from one person and have another install it they will invariably play the blame game if something goes wrong.

All Infiniti’s used phone systems are fully tested, refurbished and come with up to 12 month warranty - the same as most new solutions. Plus, with every used phone system we sell and install you are protected by our exclusive 14 day money back guarantee. So if the solution isn’t doing exactly what you asked for, we’ll pull it out. How is that for incredible peace of mind – money back guarantee and a 12 month warranty.

Never before have you been able to buy a used phone system with the written assurances and guarantees we offer. This is why you'd be crazy to buy your used small office phone system from anyone else. And in the unlikely event you happen to see the same product elsewhere we’ll beat it (link to price guarantee) and you’ll still receive our Money back guarantee and extended warranty too.

What phone features will you miss out on?

This is not a definitive list but it’s a good guide for features that are readily available on new solutions but very difficult (sometimes impossible) to get on a used phone system for small business. If none of these are relevant it might make your decision much easier:

  • Built in SIP trunking (best type of VoIP service)
  • Multi site connectivity
  • Connect home/ remote workers to the system
  • Mobile number twinning with desk phone
  • Ability to use mobile phones/tablets as desk phones from anywhere
  • Advanced IVR and Auto Attendant
  • Unified messaging (voicemail, email and faxes in your inbox)
  • Self administration of system
  • Call Accounting
  • Call recording
  • And others...

It’s a good idea to understand how/if these features can benefit your business before you decide. We’ve had customers that simply being able to connect and communicate with staff at home or on the road seamlessly have made a massive difference to their customer service and bottom line. Other customers were able to offer part time work for home workers increasing their options and job candidates. It’s why it’s important for us to understand what you do, how you do it and where you’re going to advise you correctly.

What type of phone lines should you get?

Firstly, in most cases you can keep whatever phone lines and phone numbers you’ve already got if you want to. You also have the option of VoIP (even on a used phone system), or traditional carrier services like PSTN or ISDN. The right combination and type of phone lines comes down to:

  • How many calls you make
  • The type of calls (mobiles, STD, local, International etc)
  • How many staff you have
  • How many incoming versus outgoing call you make

There is no one size fits all solution for small business. We have customers that save a fortune with VoIP and others that were smarter to stay exactly with the plan they had. If you’re able to provide a phone bill we can compare the options for you. Please click on the following links to see our VoIP rates and PSTN and ISDN rates. These rates are entirely optional and our used phone systems for small business can be purchased with or without phone call plans.

Can I keep my phone numbers and stay with my existing provider?

The simple answer is yes. It’s your choice and you can connect any existing service to the phone system you choose as long as the technology is compatible.

How many Phone Lines should my business have?

This is a very difficult question because it depends on the company. Just remember that for every call you need a phone line. So if you have 4 staff and you want each to be on calls at the same time you will need 4 phone lines. If a 5th caller rings in they will get an engaged signal because you only have 4 phone lines. Typically you will also need extra or shared phone lines for your ADSL, Eftpos, Security etc.

What about future expansion of my business?

Don’t worry. Most used systems on offer will expand up to 16-30 users (some even further). It is much older systems that were historically capped at 4-8 handsets. If you intend adding additional sites or having remote workers in the future then you really need to consider some of the significant benefits achieved by implementing a new IP compatible PBX.

Are spare parts readily available in the future?

We only stock popular systems and spare parts will be available for many years to come. This is just another reason why you don’t buy older second hand systems because this is not always the case. What appeared to be a very cheap used phone system can soon become an expensive one when you need to swap it out for lack of parts or expansion – we’ve picked up new customers when this has happened before so please be aware.

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