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VoIP Explained

Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP as it is now commonly known, is the technology that lets you make a phone call over the internet instead of going out on traditional Telstra phone lines.

If you have a choice then SIP is the VoIP service you would opt for if available to you. Phone calls are clearer, service is more reliable, and call costs are lower (check out the SIP call plans). It’s simply an all round winner.

The downside of SIP trunking, as opposed to other types of VoIP phone calls, is that you must have a phone system that supports SIP technology. You can’t take a 5 year old system and expect it to work.

How does SIP work with a phone system?

The easiest way to think of SIP is as an internet connection. Unlike other VoIP services that can attach to a phone line that then connects to you phone system, SIP is more akin to a DATA pipe that plugs straight in.

Modern SIP compatible phone systems accepts this data connection directly. Your SIP pipe may have the capacity for as many calls as the data pipes bandwidth will allow but the phone system will only allow as many channels (think like phone lines) as the system is licensed for. A normal business grade data connection will typically allow about 8 simultaneous phone calls (the equivalent of having 8 normal phone lines).

If you need more then you need to get a heavy duty SIP service that will support more bandwidth and therefore more simultaneous calls.

Are SIP compatible phone systems more expensive?

No. Most modern phone systems (from the last year or so) have been designed with SIP trunking in mind. It is typically a licence driven model and you only pay for the technology if/when you want it. So you can have a SIP compatible system that still runs of traditional PSTN or ISDN services allowing you to migrate any time you are ready without having to upgrade your equipment (just the licences).

For more information about phone systems that support SIP trunking choose from the following

If you are interested in discovering how much money your business can potentially save with SIP then please check out our SIP rate plans.

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