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VoIP + Traditional Phone Systems

If you have a traditional (non-IP enabled) PBX, whether it's 1-, 5-, or 10-years old, you can still benefit from all the savings of cheap VoIP phone calls by using and ATA gateway (VoIP converter) in your business. This type of VoIP delivery is not as effective as the latest VoIP enabled phone systems that allow licence driven direct SIP trunking however using an ATA gateway will still deliver call quality and savings.

By using an ATA Gateway, you can have VoIP lines installed into your office and have that signal 'converted' into the analog signal that your current phone system understands.

It’s simple and works effectively. Not only do you get cheap VoIP call rates, but VoIP can also allow for an unlimited number of concurrent phone calls (depending on the type of plan and service you adopt). This means that you no longer have to rent individual lines like you do with Telstra.

Most carriers charge between $30 and $40 rental per month per line for standard (non VoIP) line rentals. This can add up quickly if you are running an office with 4 or more lines ($120 a month or more).

Speak to our friendly VoIP experts about how you can save the most from this game changing technology or check out our VoIP call rate plans for yourself.

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